Jeeves Universal ERP Solutions


Multi Oriented Functionality

Designed for forward-looking companies, Jeeves Universal ERP solution provides first-class functionality encompassing all your business processes, built-in support for international operations, and cutting edge technology – forming a solid foundation to safeguard and further your company. With its multi-audit functionality (multi-company management, multi-site, multi-currency, multi-BPs address, multi-language and more) and compliance to multiple legislations and accounting practices, your team will be tooled up and ready for global business.

Built Right, From the Ground Up

These are only some of the major advantages that you will obtain with Jeeves Universal ERP solution. To benefit fully from your resources and achieve your potential for growth in both your domestic and international markets, you can count on the reliability, responsiveness, and open approach of Jeeves Universal in both the short and long run.

Integrated, Not Interfaced

Jeeves Universal ERP application is built based on Microsoft .NET technology utilizing a SQL Server database model, exploiting thin-client methodology so your system can be accessed the same way in both a client/server and Web mode using the capabilities embedded within our rich internet application (RIA). The multi-tier architecture is organized in layers so that data management, process execution and information display are handled independently to ensure highly reliable system operations in all circumstances. Many ERP software systems offer a customized web connection with dedicated functions, but few can provide your company with the comprehensive ability to either operate the system locally or through the web in the exact same fashion.


The wealth of integrated functionality enables our ERP system to fit your most sophisticated business processes, while powerful parameterization capabilities allow you to adapt each function to specific work practices and user preferences. Each member of your staff is provided with an efficient tool fully adapted to his or her particular requirements. As Jeeves Universal stores all adaptations in its unique site repository, all customizations are kept intact when upgrading your system, keeping it simple for your users.

Its workflow system makes it possible to launch information from either inside or outside the organization, follow-up actions, and warning and validation cycles on the basis of any event in the system or according to the rules and procedures for handling key and exceptional events your business has set-up.