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Cappuccino King Selects Jeeves Universal for their ERP Solution

Cappuccino King Outgrows their Non-Integrated Systems and Selects Jenexus to Streamline Sales and Accounting Processes by Deploying Jeeves Universal.

Calgary, Alberta – December 7, 2009.
Published: 2009-12-07

Jenexus Business Solutions, Alberta’s leading provider of business management solutions announced that Cappuccino King has selected Jeeves Universal as its enterprise financial management solution. Cappuccino King provides espresso/cappuccino machines for commercial establishments, small business/offices,
and homes.

Cappuccino King realized they needed to automate their retail, service and inventory management with an integrated solution, as their old legacy product would not give them the integration they needed. They reached out to Jenexus for help to solve their problem. “We are thrilled to be working with such a great company,” comments Tom Makarov, Senior Sales Executive of Jenexus. “Our team will deploy an ERP system that gives Cappuccino King real time inventory visibility, CRM functionality, and an integrated solution to improve their business processes.”

Jeeves Universal is a flexible ERP system that makes it possible for companies to further develop their businesses and rationalize their processes. According to The Radar Group’s most recent report, this state-of-the-art ERP system features world class functionality and an innovative user interface that is easily integrated and has the lowest total cost of ownership.

“Jeeves Universal is a great solution for companies like ours that have substantial inventory and multifaceted business processes,” said Peter Izzo, President of Cappuccino King. “The team at Jenexus understands the complexity of our business. We are confident that they will not only be able to deploy our ERP solution but implement better processes to help us operate more efficiently.”

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