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Jenexus Business Solutions Announces Global Bar Code Solution Provider Chooses Jeeves Universal for their North American Office

Opticon USA advances from Macola to Jeeves Universal and Jeeves CRM to Operate on a Fully Integrated Solution and Improve Operations.

Portland, Oregon – May 30, 2010.
Published: 2010-05-30

Jenexus Business Solutions, the national leading provider of business management solutions announced that Opticon USA (Renton, WA) has procured Jeeves Universal and Jeeves CRM from them to deploy a fully integrated accounting, manufacturing and CRM solution. Opticon USA is the North American operation of Opticon, a worldwide family of companies consisting of OPTO Electronics (Japan), Opticon Inc. (North America) and Opticon Sensors (Europe BV).

Founded in 1976, Opticon has been the global pioneer in the manufacture of automatic identification technologies. In 1984 Opticon Inc. opened its offices in the United States, servicing a wide range of clients in the US, Canada and Mexico. They are the industry leader in laser bar code scanning, two-dimensional imaging, RFID, CCD and data collection technologies. With sixteen offices worldwide, Opticon is poised to aggressively meet the technology needs of customers and partners around the globe.

Mike Waters, Operations Manager at Opticon USA said, “We are long overdue for an ERP system. The program we are using now is limited and offers no reporting capabilities. Our focus is to improve processes and simplify day to day operations. The Jeeves offering from Jenexus has everything we need to integrate our business and provide excellent visibility to our management team.”

Waters also said, “Our sister companies have been using Jeeves and are more than satisfied with their results. We look forward to finding similar success with Jeeves and Jenexus Business Solutions.”

Henry Denoudsten, President at Jenexus Business Solutions said, “Jeeves Universal is designed to support the business management demands of Opticon. The integration capabilities of Jeeves Universal are designed to meet the visibility needs of this organization. For example, the new solution will offer up to the minute visibility for their orders allowing Opticon to have complete visibility throughout the order fulfillment process including integrating orders back to the other Opticon business units.”

Opticon USA is focused exclusively on developing and manufacturing world-class laser, imaging, CCD and RFID engines. These engines in turn are used to power Opticon's scanners and data collectors. Opticon USA maintains its industry leadership by constantly developing innovative technology and deploying it across its rich product line, featuring fixed mount, cabled and wireless products as well as a wide range of communication options and accessories. Opticon designs and manufactures its products in ISO 9002 certified facilities, and observes international standards of quality, safety and environmental protection.

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